ASCENT Theme 1(B) Liaison Meeting/Selective ALD


Location: webex


Steven George (U. Colorado) – (1) Co electron-enhanced ALD (EE-ALD) will be reported using a new hollow cathode plasma electron source (HC-PES) that provides much more rapid Co EE-ALD.  (2) TEM results for Co EE-ALD on trenched substrates reveal preferential growth on horizontal surfaces that will enable bottom-up fill.

K. J. Cho (UT Dallas) – (1) DFT models of Co(CO)3NO ALD precursor reaction pathways on Co surfaces. (2) Application of DFT and TDDFT results to electron stimulated ALD growth of Co bottom-up fill of via.

Adam Hock (U  Illinois) - Increasing reactivity of TMD and oxide precursors with new ligands and an update on ALD of p-type oxides.  

Chuck Winter (Wayne State) – (1)  Development of a new thermal, highly selective ALD process for Co metal films, employing Co(thd)2 and Me2NNH2 between 280 and 290 C.  (2) Synthesis and properties of new volatile and thermally stable Ti(III) complexes as potential ALD precursors for Ti metal, TiSi2, and TiN films.

Andrew Kummel (UCSD) – (1) Two novel methods of low T AlN growth for FETs and heat spreaders;  (2) Selective Co and Ru thermal ALD for bottom up fill and heat spreaders; (3) DFT of negative capacitance in HZO.


Please note, this meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons