ASCENT Theme 3 / Power delivery and Thermal Management for Large Scale Heterogeneous Integration


Location: webex

Power delivery and Thermal Management for Large Scale HeterogeneousIntegration 

Sept 9, 2021

4:00pm ET

Speakers: Subu Iyer - “Introduction” 

Haoxiang Ren - “Dielet-side power delivery”

Randall Irwin - “Compliant PowerPlatform”

Ujash Shah - “Thermal Dissipation Unit Updates” 

Abstract: As advanced packaging methods pack more active silicon into smaller areas and volumes, and delivering robust power to and extracting heat from these dense systems present serious challenges. Our task focuses on this set of challenges for wafer-scale heterogeneous integration using the Si-IF as a demonstration vehicle. The methods developed here are equally applicable to smaller systems such as those based on silicon and glass interposers as well.

After briefly explaining the challenges of substrate-side power delivery, we will describe the design and process flow of our dielet-side power delivery scheme that eliminates the need for through-wafer-vias (TWVs). The new design reuses many components from the previously published back-side power delivery and employs many processes adapted from silicon CMOS technology.

We will describe the Compliant Power Platform (CPP), based on PCB-lets integrated into an elastomeric matrix using Wafer-Level Fan-Out Packaging techniques. This approach addresses a general vexing problem of attaching large silicon substrates (including large dies and multi-reticle interposers for example) to organic substrates with large thermal coefficients of expansion (TCE) mismatch

Finally, we will present updates on the thermal dissipation unit (TDU) which is designed to provide scalable, segmented, and adaptive cooling for high-performance systems. The TDU utilizes flash cooling, which is an inherently transient process, and we will discuss insights obtained from transient experimental data.

ASCENT Theme 3 • Task: 2776.055: Thermal Management Heterogeneous Integration Fabric (HUB) 

Bio(s): Ujash Shah is a PhD candidate at UCLA working with Professors Tim Fisher and Subu Iyer on transient thermal management for high-performance systems. He is a recipient of UCLA's Dissertation Year Fellowship and aims to lay a broad foundation for flash cooling suited to packaging applications by June 2022.

Haoxiang Ren is currently a first-year PhD student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UCLA, supervised by Prof. Iyer. His research focuses on designing and fabricating power delivery network (PDN) for large scale, high performance heterogeneous system without through silicon vias(TSVs).

Randall Irwin is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests include flexible electronic packaging, development of thermally conductive elastomers, and heterogeneous integration.

This meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons.