PI Presentations for 2021 ASCENT Annual Review

This page provides instructions and templates for PIs who will present during the 2021 ASCENT Annual Review, which will be held virtually (via WebEx) on August 10-12, beginning at 11:30 am (Eastern) each day.


Input from sponsors

Feedback from last year's virtual annual review indicated it was hard to extract the the "takeaway” from each presentation. Their suggestion is to state the "takeaway" on one of the first slides of your presentation before diving into the technical details. (In industry, this is called BLUF, or Bottom Line Up Front). Sponsors also suggest including a slide with a projected timeline that indicates where each of your task projects stand relative to their goals.

New! Presentation preview

In addition, we will provide our sponsors with a preview of each of the PI presentations two weeks in advance of the annual review. For your preview, please provide the following:

  • report on year 4 accomplishments
  • quantified performance metrics
  • benchmarks against state of the art
  • year 5 "Final Acts"

See example here: Datta Preview Slides. A PPT template is posted in the downloads section below. Please submit a title slide and no more than 3 additional slides.

Please treat these preview slides as an important part of our Annual Review. It primes SRC, our Sponsors, the SAB members, and the DARPA Program Managers to be able to extract value.

Presentation template

Use the ASCENT Powerpoint Template in the downloads section below to create your presentation. Mark slides with ‘SRC Select Disclosure’ if the material being presented is not yet publicly available.

Presentation title

Please send any changes to the title of your presentation by July 15 to Barbara, and she will forward it to Leslie Faiers to update the agenda on the SRC website. (Title of talk needs to match the title shown on the SRC website agenda.)


All task leaders are required to submit a KPI scorecard template on information for each task. SRC is seeking to find ways to better communicate the value the JUMP Centers are creating for all members. They have posted a helpful video on their website that discusses how to properly fill out the scorecard. Please use the template located in the downloads and submit it to BOX: ASCENT PIs>Annual Reviews>Annual Review 2021>KPIs or email the form to Barbara Walsh by July 23, 5:00pm ET.

Presentation recording

Because all presentations will be pre-recorded, please create an MP4 file of your final presentation. We suggest using Zoom to make the recording, having your video camera on to personalize the recording. Embedding the video in one corner of your slides will look like you are presenting live. For further details see instructions in the downloads section below.

Feel like getting creative and taking your video presentation to the next level? Prof. Mike Niemier (Notre Dame) is sharing a video tutorial he created using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Here is a link to the video tutorial. Please refer to these important notes to get started.

Presentation length

Please refer to the agenda for your allotted presentation time. The length of your presentation MP4 recording must be within the time allotted on the agenda. Do not exceed into the Q&A time. For example, a scheduled time of "20 minutes + 5 for Q&A" means the file must be 20 minutes in length. Try to make it as close to but not over 20 minutes. If there are two PIs are co-presenting, please send separate or combined PPT and PDF files and separate or combine MP4 files. The combined length of two MP4 files in a joint presentation should not exceed the allotted time.

Presentation number

Use the assigned file number with PI name(s) and an abbreviated title. Ex.: 005-Datta_BEOL n-channel FETs. See list here.

Live Q&A

While the presentations are pre-recorded, all presenters must be present and ready for the Q&A time that immediately follows their recording.

Event registration

Please register for the annual review on the SRC website.



SRC has requested that we provide a list of all acronyms used in all presentations and poster materials. Please review last year's list of acronyms and add any to the bottom of the list. Don't worry about alphabetizing the list; event administrators will take care of that.


Due dates
  • Title of Presentation: Due to Barbara Walsh July 15, 5:00pm ET.
  • KPIs: July 23, 5:00pm ET
  • .Presentation preview: Due July 28, 5:00pm ET to BOX (ASCENT PIs>Annual Reviews>Annual Review 2021>Preview Slides)
  • Near-final versions of the Annual Review Presentations: Due on August 4, 5:00pm ET prior to the review. This is different than in the past.
    • Both PPT and PDF to BOX (ASCENT PIs>Annual Reviews>Annual Review 2021>Near-final Presentation slides)
  • Presentation MP4 Files: Due on August, 6, 12:00pm ET – No exceptions. These will be large files that need to be organized and checked.
    • To BOX (ASCENT PIs>Annual Reviews>Annual Review 2021>Final Presentation Videos)
  • Acronyms in Presentation: August 6, 8:00am ET. Use Google Sheet linked above.
  • Final presentation PDF versions: Due evening of August 9, 5:00pm ET.
    • To BOX (ASCENT PIs>Annual Reviews>Annual Review 2021>Final Presentation slides)
    • Naming convention: Use the assigned file number with PI name(s) and an abbreviated title. Ex.: 006-Cho-Schlom_Materials Design and Synthesis for M3D
  • Please note, early submissions are always appreciated!
  • Barbara will submit all of the Presentations to SRC - event ID#E007136

Presentation template

Presentation preview template

Zoom recording instructions

KPI Template