Posters for 2021 ASCENT Annual Review

This page provides instructions and templates for students and postdocs who have been identified by their faculty PI as a presenter during the ASCENT Annual Review's virtual poster sessions. Posters are a key element of the review, so please read and follow the instructions below carefully. Thank you!

The 2021 ASCENT Annual Review will be held virtually (via WebEx) on August 10-12, beginning at 11:30 am (Eastern) each day.


Poster session overview

Since the entire annual review will be held virtually, you will not print your poster. Instead, you will prepare PowerPoint slides, then create two separate MP4 recordings:

  • a 60-second poster "pitch," which will be played just before your theme's poster session
  • a 4-minute poster, which you will play for visitors in your WebEx Breakout Room during the poster session and answer questions. 

Basically, instead of having an easel with your poster pinned to it, you will have an assigned Breakout Room and play for visitors a 4-minute video that summarizes your research.

Both MP4 poster recordings, along with PDFs of your slides, are due by Wednesday, July 28 for posting to the SRC website a week before the event so they can be previewed by sponsors. We will assign each poster presenter a Box folder for submitting your poster materials.

Step 1: Register your poster by June 24.

Please register your poster by Thursday, June 24 in order for us to meet the July 12 deadline for the poster catalog due to sponsors.

For the poster catalog mentioned above, poster registration requires both of the following:

  • a Task Statement (state your task description and how it connects to the overarching theme goal; see "ASCENT Theme Goals" sent by email). Maximum length: 75 words.
  • a Key Result Statement (September 2020 – present). Maximum length: 75 words.

Please work with your ASCENT faculty to finalize this information before registering.


Step 2: Send a photo.

If this is your first time presenting a poster for the ASCENT annual review, your photo for the catalog is also requested. 

Please email a good-resolution .jpg file to Heidi at

If you presented a poster last year, we already have your photo. Or feel free to send an updated .jpg file if you’d like.

Step 3: Prepare your poster "pitch" and poster slides.

In the downloads section below, you will find the required PowerPoint templates for your 60-second poster "pitch" and 4-minute poster. Embedded into each template are instructions. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Step 4: Record your 60-second poster "pitch" and 4-minute poster.

Detailed instructions for recording your MP4 files via Zoom are available in the downloads section below. Before submitting your final MP4 files, please listen to your recordings all the way through to ensure the sound is good and consistent throughout.

Feel like getting creative and taking your video presentation to the next level? Prof. Mike Niemier (Notre Dame) is sharing a video tutorial he created using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Here is a link to the video tutorial. Please refer to these important notes to get started.

Step 5: Get your faculty PI's approval on your slides and recordings.

Step 6: Submit your poster materials to Box. Deadline: July 28.

Please upload your poster materials to your personalized Box folder. (We will be creating and sharing these in mid July.)

  1. PDF of 60-second poster "pitch" slides.
    Naming convention: Last three digits of your task number-Your last name-Your first name-ASCENT pitch slides.
    Example: 001-Deethardt-Heidi-ASCENT pitch slides
  2. MP4 file of 60-second recorded poster "pitch".
    Naming convention: Last three digits of your task number-Your last name-Your first name-ASCENT recorded pitch.
    Example: 001-Deethardt-Heidi-ASCENT recorded pitch
  3. PDF of 4-minute poster slides.
    Naming convention: Last three digits of your task number-Your last name-Your first name-ASCENT poster slides.
    Example: 001-Deethardt-Heidi-ASCENT poster slides
  4. MP4 file of 4-minute recorded poster.
    Naming convention: Last three digits of your task number-Your last name-Your first name-ASCENT recorded poster.
    Example: 001-Deethardt-Heidi-ASCENT recorded poster

Step 7: Provide all acronyms used in your poster materials. Deadline: July 28.

SRC has requested that we provide a list of all acronyms used in all poster materials (task and result statements and poster MP4s/slides). Please review last year's list of acronyms and add any to the bottom of the list. Don't worry about alphabetizing the list; event administrators will take care of that.


Step 8: Register for the event on the SRC website.

Please register your attendance. This is a separate step from registering your poster.


Additional information coming soon

  • Roster of poster numbers to include in your cover slide (mid July)
  • Detailed poster session schedule (late July)
  • Dates for WebEx Breakout Room practice sessions for poster presenters (early August)
  • WebEx Breakout Room Instructions for Poster Session (early August)


Required Template: 60-second poster pitch slides

Required Template: 4-minute poster slides

MP4 Recording Instructions