Khandker Akif Aabrar receives IEEE Brain "Best Paper" Award at IEDM 2021

Tibor Grasser (IEDM General Chair) presents award to Akif AabrarTibor Grasser (IEDM General Chair) presents award to Akif Aabrar

Khandker Akif Aabrar, graduate researcher at University of NotreDame, has won the IEEE Brain Best Paper Award at IEDM 2021 for their work, “BEOL Compatible Superlattice FerroFET-basedHigh Precision Analog Weight Cell with Superior Linearity and Symmetry.” Khandker has been working with advisor, JUMPCenter Director Prof. Suman Datta, and also collaborating with researchers from Prof. Shimeng Yu's group and Prof. Asif Khan's group at Georgia Tech. This work represents the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration within the SRC research community.