ASCENT Theme 4 Liaison Meeting/ Benchmarking efforts and activities with TCAM and CIM structures (based on various ASCENT technologies) + NCFET-based SRAM cells and arrays


Location: zoom

We will discuss recent benchmarking efforts and activities with (i) ternary content addressable memories (TCAM) (where work spans all the way from devices to algorithms), (ii) infrastructure to support compute-in-memory (CIM) architectures based on ASCENT technologies (with an emphasis on FeFET CIM, disturbances in accessing FeFET arrays, and how efforts to address the potential for disturbances may impact other array-level figures of merit), and (iii) benchmarking efforts with NCFET-based SRAM cells and arrays.

Niemier will discuss how the above activities fit within ASCENT/connect to other PI efforts, as well as our efforts to connect the above activities to other centers within the JUMP program.  He will also review work related to item (i) — i.e., work with FeFET TCAMs.  ASCENT student Dayane Reis will discuss items (ii) and (iii).


This meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons.