ASCENT Theme 3(A) Liaison Meeting: All-Epitaxial Nitride BAW filters for 5G and Beyond/GaN-Based Transistors for Reconfigurable RF Applications


Location: zoom

Title: All-Epitaxial Nitride BAW filters for 5G and Beyond

Presenter: Debdeep Jena (Cornell)
Description: We will discuss fundamentally new forms of all-epitaxial bulk acoustic wave filters that provide solutions for the missing front ends of RF systems at high frequencies, while offering the potential of monolithinc integration with LNAs and power amplifiers for a significant reduction in the RF system size, weight and cost.
(Task: 2776.062)

GaN-Based Transistors for Reconfigurable RF Applications
Presenter: Patrick Fay (Notre Dame)
Description: Novel approaches to enhance the performance of GaN-channel transistors in RF and mm-wave switching applications, suitable for complex future communication system front-ends, will be discussed.
(Task 2776.028)

Please note: This meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons