ASCENT Theme 3 Liaison Meeting / Microfabrication of Manifold for Silicon based large area microcooler


Location: zoom

Microfabrication of Manifold for Silicon based large area microcooler

Presenter: Sougata Hazra 
(Prof. Ken Goodson's Group, Stanford)

Abstract: The goal of this project is to develop a wicking based extreme heat flux cooling device that is capable of dissipating over 1000 W/cm2 heat flux with low superheat. This device consists of two separate layers. The cold plate layer has a patterned nanomaterial wick where heat transfer takes place through liquid to vapor phase change. The second layer acts as a manifolded conduit to efficiently route the liquid in and the vapor out of the device. The manifold consists of alternating inlet and outlet channels which are very deep and often through etched. Manufacturing these manifolds which have very high aspect ratio, deep channels via cleanroom based microfabrication is extremely challenging especially when we try to scale up these devices. Previous efforts have seen successful manufacturing of these devices over a heater footprint of 5x5 mm2. This meeting is a deep dive on the challenges of manufacturing such manifolds for larger heater footprint, 24x24 mm2, which is 25 times larger than the previous generation of manifolds.
This meeting will discuss a reliable and repeatable recipe to fabricate 3D manifolded structures via Silicon microprocessing through mass scalable conventional lithography. Simultaneously it will also discuss challenges in deep Si etching associated with making these structures.

Task 2776.053: Nanomaterial‐Based Thermal Management Solutions for 3D Monolithic Chips, Heterogeneous Integrated Substrates

This meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons