ASCENT Theme 3 Liaison Meeting / GaN/AlGaNsuperlattice based p-channel FinFET


Location: webex

GaN/AlGaNsuperlattice based p-channel FinFET

Presenters: Umesh Mishra Group (UC Santa Barbara)

The lack of a GaN p-FET with performance comparable to GaN HEMT is the primary impediment in developing GaN CMOS power technology. Low hole mobility and large activation energy of acceptors in GaN are two major hurdles. Our approach to engineer around these challenges is to use Mg-doped GaN/AlGaN superlattice (SL) as a platform for hole channel devices. These SL structures not only enhance Mg-dopant ionization but also provide spatially separated multiple 2DHG channels, hence, decoupling carrier density and mobility. In this talk, we describe our work on both depletion and enhancement mode p-GaN transistors and propose a path towards GaN complementary FET unit.

Please note, this meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons