ASCENT Student/Postdoc Forum from Theme 1B ALD group


Location: webex

Student/Postdoc Forum from theme 1B ALD group

Students and postdocs will give short presentations summarizing their work for ASCENT.

1. Zachary Devereaux (Wayne State) "Inherently Selective Thermal ALD of Cobalt: Progress Toward Films for Ultrathin Liner and Barrier Applications"
2. Michael Breeden (UCSD) “Selective ALD of Ru with Bulk Like Resistivity”
3. Nick Ashburn (UTD) "Material design for area-selective ALD of Ru precursor Ru(EtCp)2"
4. Michael Collings (U Colorado) “Ru EE-ALD Using New Viscous Flow Reactor”
5. Nyi Myat Khine Linn (Wayne State) "Thermal ALD of Cobalt Metal and Precursors for Titanium Metal Thin Films”
6. Zach Sobell (U Colorado) “Rapid Nucleation of TiN Using EE-ALD with NH3 Reactive Background Gas”
7. Scott Ueda (UCSD) “Low temperature ALD of crystalline AlN”
8. Kisung Chae (UTD, UCSD) “DFT stack models for ferroelectric/antiferroelectric HZO”
9. Yaoqiao Hu (UTD) "Theoretical modeling of electronic transport properties of n-type In2O3 for BEOL transistor"
10. Michael Foody (Illinois Tech) “Thermal ALD of Ternary Metal Tin(II) Oxides: Promising Candidates for High Mobility P-Type Materials”
11. Bo Liu (Illinois Tech) “Oxygen removal and defect passivation of TMDs”

This meeting is only available to the JUMP research community, such as Principal Investigators, Postdoc researchers, Students, and Industry/Government liaisons