Connor McClellan (Stanford) Wins Student Presentation Award at TECHCON 2018

Techcon 2018Techcon 2018

Each fall, SRC hosts a TECHCON student showcase that highlights the best graduate-level talent in semiconductor research. The event doubles as a networking opportunity and career fair, where industry and government sponsors seek interns and new hires. This year's SRC TECHCON conference was held on Sept. 16-18 in Austin, Texas. ASCENT Ph.D. student Connor McClellan won a student award for his presentation titled “Effective Hole Doping and Steep Switching in MoO3/WSe2 Transistors.” The complete author list is C. McClellan, E. Yalon, L. Cai, S. Suryavanshi, X. Zheng, E. Pop, ASCENT task 2776.003 and publication ID P093965.

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